intive people: Richard Rauscher, Software Engineer

Name: Richard Rauscher

Location: Regensburg, Germany

Role: Team Lead

Expert at: an expert in nothing, it's a lifelong journey :) Working in C#, Python, DevOps

Favorite app: WhatsApp

Currently watching: Nothing at the moment

Currently reading: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

What is the most exciting part of working in projects for the automotive industry?

I think it’s the necessary creativity in predevelopment, the variety in the projects and to work with teams from different cultures. Especially due to predevelopment, one can gather advanced insights in trends and concepts for the future of mobility. Not only on paper, but rather in real life with prototypes.

As a Team Lead, what makes a good team?

The answer is nothing special and it’s something that almost everybody knows about: open communication based on respect and trust. That is the basis also to address and discuss critics and improvements openly. In a good team also, the tasks are distributed with respect to the interests and strengths of single individuals. Personally, I hope we have a lot of teams with such a basis and from our surveys, we see team spirit as one of the mentions for top asset.

And most important, a good team can also laugh and joke together!

What character from a book or a movie would you like to go for coffee or beer with?

It would be with the Joker from Batman, because of his accessible nature... or Dumbledore, to learn some spells for the domestic work :D

Is there a gadget you can't live without? And why?

Unspectacular, but it is my smartphone. With all the apps available on one device, it makes sometimes life easier. Looking for recipes, go to Pinterest, some news or whatever use, Reddit, watching videos in YouTube, etc. So much in one device is nice and I don't take it for granted.

How does the company culture help you grow professionally?

The open dialogue and exchange with several departments and people helps me gather experiences in all parts of the company. Furthermore, the possibility to change roles, maybe not immediately but after communicating it. I was in several roles as test manager, developer, team lead, software architect and it was possible to address my preferences to trigger changes. It is not always viable, but the company and my team lead are open to it and try to consider requests.

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