Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at intive

Every year on March 8, we feel inspired, motivated, and uplifted by the stories and actions that take place to further equality for women. International Women’s Day has been celebrated yearly since 1911, and it brings together groups from all over the planet to fight gender discrimination and bring about a more equal world.

At intive, we recognize the power of this day to bring attention to gender-related inequalities and the fight that's still ahead. But for us, this focus on D&I doesn’t end on March 9. Every day, we’re committed to building a culture – and a world – without injustice and where no person, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or otherwise, faces discrimination.

D&I for a healthy culture, innovative companies, and a just society

Inclusive teams make better decisions 87% of the time. When people from all walks of life are given a seat at the table – and the space for their voices to be heard – everyone benefits. Not only do we ensure that everyone feels welcome, thus boosting job and life satisfaction, but those teams are proven to be more creative and build more inclusive products that benefit wider society.

It’s no surprise then, that companies with greater gender diversity are 15% more likely to surpass the average financial return for their industry, while diverse management is shown to drive revenue by 19%. At intive, two out of eight members of our executive leadership team are women, and 31% of the extended leadership team are women. While we recognize there is still a way to go, these stats are promising for a company in the tech industry, and intive’s innovative culture is thriving as a result.

Building the Foundation for D&I at intive

As a company of over 3,000 employees and 40 nationalities, it’s crucial that intive is not only a non-discriminatory space for people from diverse backgrounds, but an environment that actively celebrates diversity and instills values of openness and mutual respect.

While this is a continuous process that we strive to improve on, we’re proud to say that 90% of intivers feel comfortable with their colleagues, and 92% feel they can count on their help.

That’s why we are working towards driving equity both inside and outside our organization through various D&I-focused initiatives, which we plan to expand on during 2023 and beyond:

  • We are committed to offering continuous internal workshops with women role models and promoting women leaders as external representatives 

  • We are a signatory of the Diversity Charters in Germany and Poland and signed an internal document in Argentina based on the European Charters 

  • Our office in Buenos Aires, Argentina was recognized as a ‘space committed to diversity’ by the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires government 

  • We are dedicated to organizing LGBTQ+-focused initiatives that involve all team members, and conduct workshops and webinars on LGBTQ+ inclusion on a local level 

  • We established the role of an LGBTQ+ Ambassador to represent the interests of all LGBTQ+ intivers

Every day we strive to collectively build a world that deeply values being different and the advancement of women. This year and beyond, we endeavor to create truly inclusive environments within our organization and out in the world.  Interested in learning more about how intive is dedicated to D&I? Take a look at our company governance statements and reports.

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