intive people: Anton Kuts, Senior Software Engineer

Name: Anton Kuts

Location: Kyiv Ukraine

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Expert at: React, JavaScript, developing websites

Favorite app: Facebook (battery on my phone tells me that)

Currently watching: YouTube, interesting films. I haven`t time for serials.

Currently reading: In Defence of Open Society (2019) by George Soros

What is the hottest front-end tech these days?

Globally – JavaScript, but focused on React.

Which technologies would you want to learn in the near future?

NodeJS. I plan to be a Full stack developer.

What would be your advice to high school students choosing towards being programmers/developers?

First is practice, from small tasks to pet projects. In this sense, I’d like to ask a philosophical question: How many books do you need to read to become a professional boxer?

Second is soft skills. Communication, critical thinking, positive attitude, and others. That is your key to working in a team and achieving career progress.

Third is to understand the processes that you have around you. For example, how the user chooses a product on a webshop, how the business processes are going, the stages of a startup development, etc. It will help you to be proactive and stay on the same level as the client.

Who was your childhood hero?

As a child it was Mutant Ninja Turtles, but now it’s Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Name 3 things that you like the most about being a software developer at intive:

  1. Board of Kyiv office is a great one. They are doing a lot during this hard time, to support the team in Ukraine.

  2. intive company’s culture. I like to be a player on this team and take part in some activities.

  3. Freedom without bureaucracy. For me it's important.

Pray and support Ukraine!

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