intive people: Giovani Moraes Silva, Principal Software Engineer

Name: Giovani Moraes Silva

Location: São Paulo, Brazil.

Role: Principal Software Engineer

Expert at: Solving problems o/

Favorite apps/tools: Github Copilot for sure :D

Currently watching: The Sandman (Netflix)

Currently reading: The Obstacle Is The Way (Ryan Holiday)

1. What is your greatest challenge as a Software Engineer?

As Software Engineers, we have the responsibility to deliver things quickly and with the highest quality possible, which isn’t always (never?) possible. Good things take time, and with good planning things can get done better. But once in a while we end up in situations where finding the balance or negotiating deadlines can be tricky. I think communication is the key here, always being clear and realistic.

After some time collecting scars, I can say that whenever you have to choose, always go for quality over speed, your future self will thank you, trust me. In the long term, quality allows you to keep delivering good things in a reasonable/acceptable time. On the contrary, if you choose speed over everything, you can have success and make some people happy at the beginning, but after some time, things that you would normally take 1 day to deliver start taking 1 week, and the snow ball just gets bigger and bigger :D

2. Which technologies would you like to learn soon?

It’s been a while since I’m trying to take a time to learn more about AI (Artificial Intelligence), in my opinion this is the future, more and more we see it in our days, in the routines, or in the services we use. So I really want to learn more about it and develop towards this way.

3. Which tech trend are you excited about the most as a software developer?

For me the tech trend of the moment, at least for frontend, is the Next.js, I’m very hyped about it, the easy way to create server-side rendering is mind blowing. You can quickly put a website up without struggling with configuration. Although I have an Angular background, I’m really enjoying using it in some personal projects. Everybody should give it a try. ;)

4. Who inspires you the most and why?

It’s hard for me to name a person, but I get some inspiration from Elon Musk. From the work perspective, he has been doing amazing things and overcame a lot of problems that nobody solved before. When people said to him that certain things were impossible, he kept himself motivated and made it happen, so I admire that of him.

5. What’s your smartest work-related shortcut or productivity hack?

To keep me focused, I like listening to music or podcasts, but it depends on what I’m working at that moment. So for example, if I need to think in a new architecture, code structure, etc, I prefer only instrumental music; if it’s something that I’m used to work on, solving a bug or something not too complex, I listen to a podcast so I can learn something while I’m working. I think the most important thing to be more productive is to keep your phone away, notifications steal our attention so easily, we can’t even realize that we are already there scrolling something hehe.

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