intive people: Mykhailo Kucheriavyi, QA Engineer

Name: Mike

Location: Kyiv for now (from Dnipro and Zelenodolsk), Ukraine

Role: Expert at: QA Engineer

Favorite app: YouTube and Netflix (how to choose 😊)

Currently watching: Severance

Currently reading: That will never work (Netflix), The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century, Dune (it's on repeat last 15 years)

How would you describe the QA job to someone from another planet?

Avoid humanity from having issues :)

What would be your advice for beginners choosing the direction of being a QA Engineer?

Don’t be too shy, don’t hesitate; ask, learn, try.

Which technologies would you want to learn in the near future?

Javascript (Chai assertion library, Mocha framework), to write tests.

Is there a gadget you can't live without? And why?

Tricky question... I would say it’s the mobile phone! Of course, in a normal situation being without a phone would be such a challenge... you take it EVERYWHERE! And it's kind of annoying when you don’t find it with yourself where you are; but nowadays, when sometimes we are without electricity, we can see that even without a smartphone we can live a life (4-6 hours without internet it’s a whole life😊).

Name 3 things that you like the most about being a QA Engineer at intive.

One is that intive has so many different projects, the second is that you work with so many technologies. The third is that you don't wait until some “special” project is available for you, you just say Ok, I will be on any project and will learn what is needed to cover gaps and done! You are learning again.

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