What Does intive’s Recruiting Process Look Like?

Partner-like talks, honest and helpful feedback, and the shortest possible process. We create an environment where candidates can feel that special intive atmosphere and learn about their development opportunities. Would you like to join us? Find out how it works here!

Recruitment is entirely remote so that it can proceed quickly and efficiently. Usually, the whole process lasts one and a half to two weeks and consists of three or four stages. In the end, each candidate receives comprehensive feedback regardless of the hiring decision. An interview is to learn from each other!

Recruitment at intive step by step

Want to know which specialists we are looking for? Check our LinkedIn page and website under the Careers tab. In the Work section, you will find detailed information about our products and clients. After receiving resumes, we will contact the selected candidates.

The screening call

A recruiter will contact you to arrange an introductory interview. You will talk about the job you are interested in and we will tell you what development opportunities await you, including some initial information about our currently available projects. Our recruiters are knowledgeable and up-to-date, so feel free to ask detailed questions. Go ahead! It is an excellent time to clear up your doubts. If we're a good fit and have development areas that interest you, we'll move on to the next stage.

The recruitment interview

The interview will take place in the presence of a line manager, an experienced developer, and sometimes the recruiter you've already met during the screening call. Before the videoconference, we'll send you an email with all the necessary information: who you are going to meet, when and how, and a packet of information about intive. We don't follow a dress code and don't mind if, during the meeting, a child comes up to you or a cat knocks over a flower pot! It is important to us to get to you just as you are. Ask all questions that come to your mind - the interview is supposed to help all of us make an informed decision.

The interview is about sharing experiences. We want to learn as much as possible about your technology experience, e.g., what projects you've worked on before. It would also be great to know about your work culture, project patterns, and your take on teamwork. We will discuss several projects during the interview and match the candidate to fit in and grow. Working under one umbrella of intive, you will work in different projects, industries, and technologies and propose solutions for big brands. We recruit for intive, but sometimes for a specific project. During this interview, we will let you know what projects you will be working on. We look for people who have an open mind.

During the virtual meeting, you will also have the opportunity to get to know your line manager, with whom you may work in the future. We want the conversation to take place in a comfortable and casual atmosphere. Feel free to ask and talk to us about anything you think is essential! The interview lasts 1.5-2 hours. Immediately after the meeting, you will receive an email thanking you for the talk and providing information about, among other things, benefits and the job at intive. Within a week, we will decide and give you feedback via email.

(optional) Meeting with the client

In some projects, our clients may want to meet you to make sure that you fit not only with intive but also with our joint project. However, this additional step does not lengthen the whole recruitment process.

Feedback and offer

If both sides decide to cooperate, you will receive an invitation to another meeting, during which we will present you with a proposal. It will also be sent to you by email, with the necessary organizational information and documents to be filled in. We can send the contract to you by courier or invite you to the office to get to know some of the team in person. We are flexible - at intive, we can work from home and in the office.

If we don't start working together, our team will prepare feedback that you will also receive by email. The feedback will include information about our decision, what we think is worth improving, tips, and valuable resources for self-development. If you wish, we will be happy to stay in touch with you if we need someone like you on our team.

Once the recruitment process is complete, we will ask you to participate in a survey about your experience throughout the process. Feedback is essential to improve our process and support candidates consistently and continually.

This is how candidates evaluate our recruitment process:

"I'm happy that I got feedback, and the feedback was showing how the hiring team is perceiving me. I got lots of positive information about myself that made me high :) Also, I got information on what I should work on, which was how I felt. No surprise, I'm going to work on that."

What values do we cherish?

We are looking for open-minded people and want to work with those who have a "can-do" attitude, are committed, and take responsibility for their work. intive is an international company, so language skills (English) are fundamental. In our project work, we focus on high quality. Therefore, technical skills are also crucial. A friendly atmosphere and transparent communication are our top priorities!


  • The entire recruitment process is remote. However we care about the friendly atmosphere of the meeting, so always talk with the cameras turned on.

  • Interviews are based on dialogue - do not hesitate to ask questions. We are there for you.

  • Our interviews are professional but partner-like and with a smile. We like each other and our work.

  • There is no dress code. Choose the time and place for the meeting so that you feel comfortable.

The more we learn about each other, the better decisions we will make. Do you feel that intive is the place for you? Check the Career tab and join us!

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