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Accessibility in EdTech: Learning to make education technologies accessible to all

Competition Rising

The EdTech industry is going through a profound transformation. Innovation and technology are increasingly important sources of competitive advantage. As the industry is transforming we partner with clients in the industry to keep them ahead of the competition by finding novel solutions to improve learning outcomes and transform lives through education.

Our domain knowledge in the field is extensive. We already serve 3 of the largest brands in the industry as well as numerous well-funded startups trying to shake things up. Whether the company is large or small, old or new, our depth of experience and understanding of the student lifecycle means we can predict challenges and apply best practices others cannot.

From improving the student enrollment journey, making learning experiences adaptive and collaborative, or partnering with subject matter experts to create interactive educational content, we have the experience and the passion for education technology to build industry-leading products.

Being Accessible isn’t Only an Ethical Duty, it Makes Good Business Sense.

Download our latest white paper to learn how bake accessibility into your design and development cycles. Discover EdTech-specific learnings, including accessibility compliance, the importance of user testing, and the risk of retrofitting. Get deep insight from intive’s project experience building Learning Management Systems for the biggest names in the industry.

Learning Management Systems from Futuristic to Expected

Learning management systems used to be a novelty. Now, they’re quickly becoming the status quo at nearly every level of education. They are also how many educational publishers are diversifying their businesses and creating a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

We support our clients by developing best-in-class learning technologies that use AI to adapt to students’ individual needs, helping them learn to the best of their ability and improve educational outcomes that improve lives.

More than Compliance. Accessibility as a Guiding Principle.

Building WCAG 2.0 accessible digital experiences is the right thing to do for people with different abilities. Compliance is also a critical business consideration as fines for non-compliance are harsh. Doing it well, especially for complex applications or those with a lot of content, requires planning and consideration at every stage of the process from product road-mapping to UX Design to Engineering and QA testing.

Screen readers, touch screen users, and keyboard users all have different needs and interact with digital experiences differently. Designing and building experiences that are not only navigable but enjoyable and immersive requires experienced designers who understand WCAG guidelines and user behavior inside and out.

We include the integration of assistive technologies into the application in the product roadmap phase to avoid downstream challenges. We also engage with QA early to help refine acceptance criteria and plan to automate as much of the accessibility compliance testing as possible.

The pandemic accelerated what was already a rapidly advancing digital transformation of the education sector. As the world adapts to virtual education as the norm, there is tremendous business opportunity for both established education leaders and newcomers as well.

Never has technology been so central to building competitive advantage. At intive, the EdTech practice is full of passionate professionals with the experience needed to help our clients find success in any environment.  

Chris White
VP Americas

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