intive and Insights Driven Team Up to Build AI-Powered Solution - Connecting You Now - Making Government Services More Inclusive and Accessible

Partnership to use the latest Chat GPT and Open AI technologies to reduce complexity and improve accessibility of government services.


Munich, Germany – April 25, 2023 - intive announced today that it is partnered with Insights Driven to develop Connecting You Now ( Connecting You Now will enable citizens to find the government services quickly and easily. The product is being created to address the challenges of how to create more inclusive access to public services, especially those with a disability.

Every user’s journey of trying to find the right service or product is unique and should be designed around the citizen’s need through empathy. The Connecting You Now solution is a platform that incorporates the latest cutting-edge self-learning technology. The front-end will enable a citizen to talk to the platform either through voice or text. A human-like, empathetic conversational AI that uses the latest GPT 4 technology as well as other Open AI technologies are used to understand the citizen’s need.

On the back-end, machine learning narrows down a service recommendation through a powerful search capability in real-time.

Connecting You Now removes digital barriers that afflict many communities who either have a sensory loss or simply lack the technology experience to navigate often complex digital spaces.

As a start-up led by a team of highly experienced professionals the engagement with the Scottish government is just one of many potential use cases for the complexity-reducing solutions offered by Connecting You Now. Additional use cases are being explored for national and local Government Services, Health Services, Retail Banking, Utility organizations, and eCommerce.

“Through its advanced natural language processing capabilities and vast knowledge base, ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and each other, making information more accessible and improving lives across the globe,” said Mark Brincat, intive CTO. “Partnering with Insights Driven and creating Connecting You Now is a prime example of how intive’s unique marriage of design and engineering delivers human-centric products that make users happy while creating efficiencies.”

“At Connecting You Now our mission is to break down the digital barriers that impede access to digital spaces for many people. We aim to create personalized and engaging digital experiences that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or abilities. By doing so, we believe we can promote a fairer, more equitable, and inclusive digital society built around each individual,” said Jora Gill, CEO of Connecting You Now.

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