Powering Performance: How intive Supports Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with Cloud Transformation  

Cloud adoption has permeated industries in recent years, offering enhanced flexibility, scalability, performance, and opportunities for innovation. And the telecommunications sector is no stranger to these benefits – the global Telco cloud market is expected to surpass US$105 billion by 2030. 

However, due to the complex nature of Telco infrastructure and its applications, along with the need for guaranteed service times, high call quality, and regulatory compliance, cloud implementation has been a gradual and careful process.

In order to successfully leverage cloud technologies, CSPs require the expertise and guidance of a trusted technology partner. With so much at stake, they cannot afford system failures that put customer trust at risk.

Over the years, intive has supported many CSP partners in the behind-the-scenes of their transition to cloud-based architecture, helping them access the benefits of the cloud without endangering the integrity and reliability of their systems.

Empowering Telcos with Pioneering Software Solutions

Leveraging state-of-the-art continuous integration and deployment solutions, a microservice marketplace, developer experience, and infrastructure automation, intive empowers its partners to efficiently adapt to new technologies. Moreover, thanks to alliances with hyper-scale public and private cloud operators, intive can ensure seamless integration and innovation, improving service for customers.

Working closely with CSP teams, intive engineers help them drive efficiencies and improve the processes that are key to cloud transformation. Here’s how.

Driving innovation with agile, cloud-based platforms

intive provides end-to-end support for automation platforms, including design, deployment, and maintenance services. Thanks to this support, CSP engineering teams can optimize their operations, reduce the time-to-market for new features, decrease maintenance costs, enable rapid problem-solving, and respond to clients more quickly and efficiently.

The flexibility of a modular, API-based, microservices architecture allows teams to implement innovative tools and technologies, such as VoIP, virtualized network functions, and advanced security functions. This enables CSPs to gain a competitive edge and enhance their value proposition to customers.

Improving CX with the power of 5G

Leveraging fully microservices-based, API-driven, and cloud-deployed solutions, intive creates world-class Continuous Integration (CI) environments for testing and smoothly integrating different elements involved in 5G network operations. This provides our CSP customers with high-quality and secure systems that enable more reliable operations, which ultimately leads to better customer experience.

Accelerating time to market with reusable code

intive assists CSPs in building agile and sustainable software platforms with a common framework, enabling R&D teams to benefit from reusable code within existing repositories. The intive team enhances code base maintainability by migrating the legacy code to a common framework and improving its identification.

With a reduced development time thanks to code reusability, Customer teams are freed up to focus on delivering new solutions and enhancements.

Enabling seamless network modernization with blueprint implementation services 

intive offers its CSP partners comprehensive support for the implementation of cutting-edge network blueprints, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance, regardless of the specific client's infrastructure.

Leveraging its deep expertise and streamlining software development processes, intive empowers its CSP clients to roll out services faster, get to market quicker, and enhance overall efficiency. In essence, this behind-the-scenes work ensures that telecommunications companies can quickly adapt to market demands, staying ahead of competitors and providing better service to their customers.

We believe that modern software delivery is key to successful digital transformation. Contact us and find out how we can help your business. 

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