intive people: Celina Klinger, Senior Recruitment Specialist

Name: Celina Klinger

Location: Munich, Germany

Role: Senior Recruitment Specialist

Expert at: Recruitment

Favourite app: Spotify

Currently watching: Life on our planet

Currently reading: Atomic Habits from James Clear

How do you define a great candidate experience?

Under a great and positive candidate experience I understand an efficient and transparent application process. Furthermore, I think there should be prompt communication and always be the possibility to provide constructive feedback, even if the candidate is not selected for a role. I’m a big fan of showing the company culture so that the candidate has the possibility to gain some insight into the daily work life at the company.

How should candidates make a great impression on interviews? What are the 'no-goes'?

I think candidates should be themselves without getting twisted, of course in a respectful manner. No-goes would be e.g. not appearing for interviews without informing or lying. Also, there should be a respectful communication with the Recruiter and the Verifiers. Of course, that applies on the Recruiter as well.

What best practices or habits do you attribute to your success?

I believe the most important thing is that I enjoy my job. I like talking to candidates, getting to know them, and, in the best case, persuading them to join the company as new employees. Furthermore, I enjoy developing myself further and taking on new projects that challenge me. You never stop learning in life.

What do you like most about working at intive?

The people! :) Everyone is super helpful and treats you with respect. Moreover, I appreciate the flexibility we have regarding time management and the workplace.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?

I would use that opportunity to not live just in one place, but to travel all over the world. :)

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