intive people: Marek Sobieraj, Senior Software Engineer

Name: Marek Sobieraj

Location: Wrocław, Poland

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Expert at: Web Development – Frontend

Favorite apps/tools: IntelliJ

Currently listening/watching: Fallout

Currently reading: Harvard Business Review – Podręcznik lidera 

1. What’s your ultimate argument for React in the ‘React vs Angular’?

I fell in love with React from the beginning—back when class components were still a thing. The introduction of functional components was a significant step forward, and I made sure I had made the right choice. Nowadays, React has evolved a lot, and I'm very happy about it. It's a pleasure to program using this library. I won't compare it to Angular since Angular is a framework (MVC), whereas React is only responsible for the view (V).

In the end, everything depends on the project requirements, and we should all choose the tools that are best for the project, not just for us. However, when React fits as well as other frameworks, I would choose React because of its simplicity.

2. What is a key attribute of a great UI, in your opinion?

Don't overcomplicate it. Do it as simply as possible. It's a very general statement, but to be honest, there are a lot of things that matter and influence the UI. Personally, I'm a huge fan of minimalism. No matter which style we choose, we should be consistent and not mix approaches.

3. What's the best advice you have ever received?

"Firstly, always think about yourself." Regardless of the situation, every choice has an impact on our lives. As long as you are unhappy, you won't be able to fulfill the needs of others.

4. What's your favourite fronted hack?

To be honest, I don't have a favorite front-end hack. Should we even consider anything as a hack? :) I prefer to keep things simple and understandable for everyone. Sometimes, it's worth writing more lines of code to increase readability, so hacks, for me, are overrated. Don't get me wrong, I always prioritize performance, but the complexity and understandability of a given solution are also important to me.

5. Can you share a specific accomplishment or project that you're particularly proud of?

I’m quite proud of my latest personal project, the 'Smart Wood' web application. It's a dedicated platform designed for carpenters to easily and quickly estimate the cost of specific pieces of furniture. Currently, it supports only dresser configurations, but I'm actively working on expanding it to include other models. Additionally, users have the option to add supplementary costs to the quote. Once the estimation process is complete, carpenters can conveniently download the quote in PDF format, suitable for both their records and for presenting to clients.

6. What do you like most about working at intive?

There are many aspects of working at intive that I like: the engaging projects, exciting events, recognition of employees' contributions, and the opportunity for continuous learning through courses and workshops. However, what I value most is flexibility and both personal and professional approach to employee development. It's a workplace that offers a fantastic balance between work, personal growth, and enjoyment.

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