Not just a buzzword: Esprit & intive take up omnichannel


Founded in 1968, Esprit is an international fashion brand, headquartered in Germany and Hong Kong, with presence in over 40 countries.


Leading global fashion brand chose intive for concept testing and delivery of an efficient and user-friendly in-store app for sales associates.


Product Development, Mobile App, iOS, UX, Backend, AWS Cloud


Consumer Products & Retail

Maximizing in-store experiences

If you think that only online shopping has something to gain from the latest digital trends, take a look at Esprit and their brand new Order@Store app. This smart in-store digital tool enables sales associates to provide customers with information in an instant, increasing their loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Maximizing in-store experiences

From idea to product in a blink of an eye

intive was asked to prepare a user-friendly and low-cost, flawless MVP version of the Order@Store app within a tight timeframe of less than 4 months. The pressure was significant, but so was the enthusiasm. Investing in test driven development and snapshot testing helped the team meet the requirements and create a light and efficient native app for all iOS devices.

From idea to product in a blink of an eye

App-powered sales assistant

Order@Store got immediate positive feedback. Sales associates, appointed for its testing, experienced no difficulties with the core app functionalities (label scanning, item and order history search and order placing) and eagerly used the app from the start. A satisfactory Proof of Concept turned into a powerful retail tool.

App-powered sales assistant

Going international

In-store apps integrate high-quality service of a knowledgeable sales associate with the fast performance of a smart tool that addresses consumer needs within seconds. No wonder that customers quickly got used to Esprit’s solution. After the promising trial, Esprit introduced the app to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Going international

When we decided on investing in an app for sales associates, it wasn’t about expanding the digital portfolio – it was about taking care of our offline shoppers using handy, digital tools. intive put this idea into action in no time. They did a great job, again.

Leif Erichson
Chief Operations Officer, Esprit

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