intive people: Danila Cordero, Principal Project Manager

Name: Danila Cordero

Location: Tandil, Argentina

Role: Principal Project Manager

Expert at: Agile Methodologies, Team Performance, Consulting

Favorite apps/tools: Jira😉

Currently watching: Baby Reindeer

Currently reading: The 4-Hour Workweek

What is your greatest challenge as a Principal Project Manager?

My greatest challenge as a Principal Project Manager is ensuring that I provide Project Managers with the proper tools and support while fostering their continuous skill development. Striking the right balance between being involved and giving space for individual growth is key to building and maintaining healthy teams.

What do you love the most about what you do at intive?

What I love most about my role at intive is the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of people, both clients and team members. Working together to solve problems and bringing our collective ideas to life is incredibly rewarding. I truly enjoy the energy we create when we exchange ideas openly, listen respectfully, and build better solutions together.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I've ever received is to venture outside your comfort zone. Even though it might sound cliché, it’s reassuring to know that our future selves lie beyond the comfort zone. There is a new, better version of you, enriched with skills forged in the fire of challenges. Embracing discomfort and tackling new experiences not only builds resilience but also unlocks your true potential, preparing you for greater opportunities ahead.

This advice has been transformative for me, both personally and professionally. Stepping out of familiar territory can be daunting, but it's where real growth happens. Embracing challenges and taking on tasks that initially seem intimidating forces you to develop new skills and adapt to different situations. Over time, this not only builds a more resilient and capable version of yourself but also prepares you for future roles and opportunities that you might not have considered otherwise.

In hindsight, is there any advice you would give to your younger self starting on this path?

Yes! And it’s in fact and advice I’ve given to others already - Say "yes" to opportunities that scare you. If you're afraid of an opportunity, trying it may be a good idea. This could help you build confidence, and you may often find that you can do what you think you cannot do.

Were there any mentors or role models who influenced your success?

Yes, I have been fortunate to have several mentors who have greatly influenced my career. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in my professional development. They taught me the importance of strategic thinking, effective communication, and resilience. Learning from their experiences and insights has been invaluable in shaping my approach to project management and leadership. Lately I’ve found great inspiration from Brene Brown.

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