EdTech is an ambassador – and enabler – of accessible design

Education is a basic human right. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, more people with diverse capabilities are relying on digital platforms to access education. EdTech companies are therefore responsible for actioning the right to access education throughout their products and services – and that means designing digital products that accommodate everyone.

Accessible EdTech products don’t only serve people with disabilities and impairments –  they create better experiences as a whole. Features that were once categorized as accessibility extras can serve to benefit users with all capabilities. The ‘Accessibility in Education’ whitepaper from intive, offers advice and tools to EdTech businesses looking to bake accessibility into their design and development cycles and optimize their outcomes.

The paper delves into accessibility regulations as a baseline, nuances between compliance levels, the importance of user testing, building atop UX expectations, making interactive content inclusive, keeping development and design in tandem, and the risk of retrofitting. It relies on intive’s experience working with leading EdTech companies such Kaplan and Macmillan and draws on our practical experience.

At the intersection of education and technology, EdTech has the unique position to champion accessibility. As new user groups are brought into the technical fold, EdTech companies will be both the ambassadors and enablers of modern accessible design and true to its name, will teach other verticals to follow suit.

Discover how to build EdTech products with an all-encompassing mentality from day one. Get the full white paper here for free.

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