Our holistic approach to digital transformation supports all stages of your digital products’ lifecycle, regardless of the technology. As designers, at intive we make sure your investment in innovation results in long-term business value and loyalty of your customers.

Create people-centric digital products

Our award-winning design teams work with global brands and build digital journeys that amaze. We offer Innovation Consulting, Product & Service Design and Product Management. With a vast and varied customer portfolio and proven track record in creating compelling digital experiences, we will envision with you a clear strategy, in line with your business goals.

We believe in a data-informed approach and the value of challenging assumptions. We carry out research, audits, workshops and product analytics to understand your users’ challenges and the relevant contexts. Purposeful innovation upends the way we live and work, and great design supports building the right solutions, the right way.

Deliver the best experiences

We excel at co-design and continuous product discovery and delivery of digital products. Explore all the benefits of our Dual Track Methodology.

It’s so easy to talk about people-centricity and so rare to actually observe it. We don’t design products for our customers – we co-create them with our partners. We don’t assume what the end users want – we ask them. Successful projects are those done ‘with’ the people, and not ‘for’ them.

Abhishek Dahiya
Chief Design Officer

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