intive_people: Lee Brooke-Pearce, Senior Business Development Manager

intive es nuestra comunidad. Cada persona cuenta con una historia única, se especializa en áreas múltiples y maneja distintas herramientas y lenguajes. En esta serie de entrevistas cortas vamos a presentarte a profesionales de intive mostrando cómo trabajan, qué hacen en su tiempo libre y cuáles son sus pasiones.

  • Name: Lee Brooke-Pearce

  • Location: UK    

  • Role: Sales, Senior Business Development Manager

  • Expert at: Poker

  • Favorite app: MusixMatch/Spotify so I can sing along to my fav tune

  • Currently watching: Suits

  • Currently reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear

What does a business mindset come down to?

A strong business depends on bringing a sales culture and pride in delivery together to help our existing and new clients navigate the unprecedented opportunities provided by technology innovation. Sales is a universal and shared business mindset that comes from telling great stories of how we deliver value and being trusted to repeat the excercise again and again. The most successful organisations recognise revenue growth as a universal measure of success for ourselves AND our clients.

Where do you see the most interesting change in the sector you support?

Fintech began as a technology dynamic responding to slow and cumbersome progress in transforming the experience of financial service customers and has exploded in two key areas:

  1. There are 2 billion people in the world described as unbanked - Fintech and digital technology advances have created a platform to serve these populations and make significant steps out of the poverty cycle

  2. Fintech is now part of every customer experience that requires payment - embedded finance/buy now pay later are emerging as critical in every sector customer experience.

Who was your childhood hero?

Ian Botham - the greatest all round cricketer of all time; incredible talent, a showman who constantly challenged the status quo.

What’s your superpower?

I am very perceptive of what body language "tells" - remote working has challenged us all how to present ourselves to our clients and each other and its remarkable what can be picked up staring at a sea of faces on a Teams call 😉

What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?

I’ve eaten bat soup - yup. Who knew how topical that might become.

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