We drive Digital Excitement

20+ Years of Growth

We are a global technology company, present across Europe and the Americas, with a diverse team of +2,000 people. Since 1999, we've grown strongly and steadily, always guided by our core values: empathy, agility, and enthusiasm.

Human Centricity

We stand for a human-centric approach to software engineering, combining deep industry expertise, user-centric design, and cutting-edge technologies. This is how we drive innovation for our customers and co-create the most powerful digital experiences.

Sustainable Impact

We strive to be the most exciting technology partner for our customers across industries, including Automotive, Fintech, Media, Retail, and others. By focusing on developing people-centric digital products, we transform businesses and make a positive impact on society.

Our culture

We act with Enthusiasm, Empathy and Agility as our core company values. Our culture is based on all three and our key attitudes stem from them:

icon for empathy

Believe in people

Champion your colleagues’ achievements.
Continuous learning culture icon

Drive change

Go forth and share your passion.

Listen carefully

Give your undivided attention.

Seek common ground

Always try to understand others.

Stay open

Make room for discovery.

Aim high

Anything’s possible – think big.

Our leaders

Diego Rubio

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Price

Chief Financial Officer

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