How AI is Powering Personalization and Igniting Growth in the Media Sector

In today’s entertainment landscape, streaming platforms are tasked with both reaching the right audience and ensuring viewer loyalty through seamless, tailored user experience. Luckily for media players, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to help them offer hyper-personalized experiences that optimize advertising dollars, drive business growth, and spark delight in their targeted audiences.

Driving this customized, AI-powered content is the segmentation of user clusters. By categorizing viewers into specific groups, companies can refine content recommendations to better suit individual needs and improve conversion rates. On top of this, AI-powered conversational assistants and transcription and translation tools are helping provide exceptional UX to an ever-more-demanding media audience.

In this article, we’ll explore the transformative power of AI for media platforms and how intive is helping companies both target their ideal audience – and keep them sticking around.

Conversational AI Enhances the User Journey - AI-driven Search Engines

intive works closely with our customers to help solve problems and issues through the power of technology, using technology know-how, quality speed and agility to bring effective solutions for our customers, including offering media software development services. A core problem that many customers were facing was around end-customer search experience and how to make it intuitive, enjoyable and efficient. Thanks to the power of AI, the intive team has transformed the traditional search bar into an intuitive, interactive search engine. This human-like conversational interface offers real-time personalized recommendations, reducing search time with more relevant results.

The auto-tagging of attributes plays a fundamental role in developing semantic search capabilities. AI tools extract themes, topics, key phrases, and even sentiment by automatically analyzing different types of content, and then transforming that information into tags on the respective media files, building rich metadata bases. This has enabled intive to deliver AI-driven search engines that efficiently find specific mentions and references in videos, articles, or podcasts.

What’s more, by leveraging algorithms and machine learning, AI-powered segmentation tools can collect and synthesize user behavioral and demographic data and the history of previous engagements. With such profound insights into user preferences, these platforms craft exploratory recommendations infused with serendipity, evoking the feeling of spontaneous discoveries. When effectively implemented, this feature enhances the joy of digital exploration, reinforcing user engagement and brand loyalty.

However, when it comes to customized recommendations, streaming platforms face a key challenge: the more a user engages with suggested content, the more the system is driven to suggest similar content, leading to an increasingly uniform experience. Fortunately, the same technology causing this issue can also remedy it. Using AI, the platform can identify content outside a user's bubble and gently integrate it into their regular recommendations, encouraging them to explore other types of media.

AI in Media and Entertainment - Integrating Tailored Recommendations and Voice Assistant Technology

Another AI-powered feature driving exceptional user experience for media platforms is voice assistant technology.

The intive team leveraged this technology for an entertainment website that helps on-demand viewers find compelling content using a mix of criteria and expert reviews.

With the data already provided by the entertainment website, we blended voice-based applications and AI/ML technologies to build an interface between users and the data that would produce quality recommendations. Users can simply ask their Google Echo, home device, or smartphone what to watch, and through a series of prompts arrive at customized content suggestions. Creation speed is critical in this highly competitive market for end-customer loyalty and retention. Within four months, intive delivered a proof of concept showcasing the potential value of AI to empower businesses through new audience outreach.

Expanding User Reach With Auto-Transcription and Translation Tools

Also enabling seamless access to content and driving UX are auto-transcription and auto-translation. With spoken language transcribed into written text, streaming services can offer automatic subtitles, ensuring accessibility for diverse audiences. If multiple voices are involved, speaker indexing further aids in identifying and differentiating between individuals in conversations or interviews. These advancements are not only oriented to users with hearing impairments but also improve comprehension for non-native speakers and the audience in general.

Once the content is transcribed, auto-translation solutions open the door to global audiences. This enables the effortless creation of multilingual versions – and not only for media streaming. Auto-translation also revolutionizes video conferencing by offering live translation and subtitles in multiple languages.

Hyper-Personalization Powers Context-Based Advertising

Just as AI algorithms can provide personalized recommendations to individual consumers, they are also transforming advertising strategies by guiding highly targeted campaigns. Leveraging cutting-edge AI tools, businesses can create precise audience segmentation and increase ROI on advertising.

AI-powered solutions can gather and analyze vast amounts of data to detect recurring patterns and trends and create segmented audiences based on these new insights. This approach ensures that the ads are relevant to that customer group and resonate with their interests, increasing the accuracy of outreach and driving conversion rates.

Furthermore, intive has developed AI tools that automatically identify objects, people, locations, and sentiments from videos, speech, or articles, extract metadata, and localize corresponding tags in a specific position of the content. For example, in a podcast on how to improve wellness, AI can detect the time window in which the guests talk about the importance of physical exercise and insert an advertisement for a gym brand at that point.

At intive, we work hard to solve problems for our customers through the exploration, design, and implementation of cutting-edge, data-driven technologies which drive innovation, impact, and business results for our customers, helping them get solutions quickly and efficiently to market.

To understand our clients’ needs and identify the best solution, we offer fast-paced, high-intensity discovery workshops as well as proofs-of-concept that later transform into fully-fledged projects. We take ownership of full projects, as well as working alongside and integrated within our clients team. Our approach is agile and flexible, ensuring that we deliver the best quality and experience for our customers in the way they need it.

To learn more about how we can help your business harness the power of AI, get in touch with intive today.

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