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"With intive as our key technology partner, we are able to constantly advance our solution and improve Pockit's customers' journey with a new dimension of excitement in the space of digital finance management."

Virraj Jatania

Product CEO, Pockit


Pockit partnered with intive to develop its flagship product on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The company needed to quickly address changing customer needs and ensure secure integration with payment providers.


Pockit is a UK-based financial technology company offering pre-paid spending cards, current accounts, and a range of other financial services. It was founded in 2014 with a mission to provide better banking products to financially underserved customers, helping to drive financial inclusion in the UK.




Development, improvement, and maintenance of both the front-end and back-end, as well as third-party services integrations.

Ensuring Financial Inclusion

With a mission of supporting people who traditional banks have rejected, Pockit created a product that helps low-income customers to benefit from full and fair access to the financial system. Pockit’s prepaid card application process helped to address one of the biggest problems of 2016 in England – the exclusion of almost 8 million people from banking. As a result, thousands of users received free access to banking and were able to start building their credit scores.

Modern Banking Solutions

intive deployed agile engineering resources that work alongside existing company structures, with the sprint team managing the project delivery using an agile approach (Kanban). The team developed Pockit’s solution on Azure cloud, guaranteeing the resilience and scalability of the application.

The services provided included development, improvement, and maintenance of the front- and back-end and third-party service integrations. As intive developed the first version of the application in 2016, it’s evident that the team’s expertise and use of cloud services were innovative and ahead of their time.

Pockit app enables customers to stay on top of their finances 24/7

Pockit app enables customers to stay on top of their finances 24/7

Pockit app enables customers to stay on top of their finances 24/7

Pockit app enables customers to stay on top of their finances 24/7

Pockit app enables customers to stay on top of their finances 24/7

Pockit app enables customers to stay on top of their finances 24/7

An Application Full of Possibilities

intive delivered an innovative product that was user-friendly and full of features, helping Pockit spearhead social change. Working together with Pockit, the intive team improved customers’ journeys with speed, simplicity, and better security, enabling them to quickly open accounts and stay on top of their finances 24/7.  

The inclusive onboarding process, intuitive navigation, and multiple money-managing features make the Pockit product remarkably functional for everyday use. The application supports users in building better credit scores and setting aside money for the future. Users are also able to gain cashback from Pockit partners, quickly and easily send money abroad, and convert currencies at a low cost.

Constantly Evolving Team

Throughout the development phase, a team of three to eight intive specialists worked on creating Pockit’s flagship product. The application created by intive allowed the company not only to successfully start operations but also to mark its position in the market and set the stage for further growth.

Pockit saw the value of the intive specialists to such an extent that they have become an integral part of the company and now constitute its entire technical department. Along with developing, maintaining, and improving the application, Pockit benefited from intive's expertise in data analysis and report creation using Power BI.

Establishing a Long-Lasting Partnership

intive and Pockit have been closely cooperating for almost seven years. From the very beginning, intive was dedicated to supporting Pockit’s flagship product at every stage of its development. This partnership, built on trust and mutual understanding, has allowed for the creation of a constantly developing, user-centric product that is helping to drive financial inclusion in the UK.

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