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We build people-centered commerce solutions by utilizing a headless and composable approach

Get ahead in the era of e-commerce

E-commerce platforms have seen a surge in usage in the last few years. According to Destatis, 82% of the German population shopped online in 2021 and e-commerce sales generated 99.1 billion euros in gross sales, up 19% compared to 2020.  

Competition in the e-commerce industry is fierce, and customer demands are rising. Retailers need to provide tailored offerings, faster services, and omnichannel solutions if they are to exceed customer expectations. 

This means delivering flexible, people-centered products that offer exceptional experiences. It is the combination of mobile development, MACH, composable commerce, and data-driven insights that will allow retailers to deliver a holistic shopping experience that’s tailored to customer needs.

Mobile-First Approach

Our strong background in mobile development allows us to build high-end solutions for each touchpoint.

MACH & Composable Commerce

With a headless architecture and a cloud-based approach, we leverage microservices to create best-of-breed platforms.

Experience Thinking

We focus on user experience, backed by continuous research and validation. Our goal is to build truly people-centered products.

Optimization & Insights

We use hypothesis-driven product optimization techniques and implement continuous user testing.

In the outburst of online shopping, competition is bigger than ever before. For companies that want to stay ahead, it is crucial to become customer-centric on every touchpoint, in order to bring them a truly holistic shopping experience

Johannes Dornisch
Design Hub at intive

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