Constantly changing consumer behaviors, high-pressure marketplace and tech disruption create challenges and some great opportunities for the consumer and retail sectors. We stay on top of industry trends and the latest innovation to help you get ahead of the game.

Thrive in a digital-first world

With tailor-made strategies, customer research methods and the right tools, we provide accessibility to your brand and generate real value on all brand touchpoints. We help you build great products, drive unique omnichannel experiences, as well as ensure a smooth shift from stationary POS to online stores. Leveraging our expertise in retail-specific design, Cloud, mobile, IoT and AI-powered technologies, we create solutions that please modern consumers.

Extend customer experience beyond the point of sale

Consumer-Facing Experiences
Integrated solutions based on customers journeys to connect all brand touchpoints
Mobile Shopping Applications
Context-aware, flawless and user-friendly apps to boost your sales business
Omnichannel Ecosystems
Multi-channel approach to provide your customers with seamless shopping experience
Brand Awareness Solutions
Increasing your brand recognition, visibility and reach through tailored digital strategies
Loyalty Programs
Keeping your customers engaged with exceptional digital reward programs
Personalization & Targeting
Addressing the needs of individuals to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
Guided Cooking & Home Appliances
Transforming households in connected and user-friendly ecosystems
B2C/B2B Headless Commerce
Separating front-end and back-end logic to offer tailored customer experience on every point of contact
Retail UX Research & Design
Gathering insights in a specific and complex environment to design validated solutions
Service Design
Applying design methods to improve the quality of interaction between you and your customers

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Senior Business Development Manager

Great user experience drives brand loyalty. At intive, we combine a deep understanding of customers, cutting-edge technologies and a forward-thinking business strategy to create cross-channel solutions that amaze. Get closer to your customers and unlock your digital potential.

Klemen Smolej
Senior Business Development Manager

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