intive people: Leandro José Grando, Senior Software Engineer

Name: Leandro José Grando

Location: Serafina Corrêa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Expert at: PHP, Laravel, WordPress, JavaScript, React and Vuejs

Favorite apps/tools: GitHub Copilot

Currently watching: Doctor House

Currently reading: The Witcher – Blood of Elves

1. What is your greatest challenge as a Senior Software Engineer?

I would say striking the perfect balance between innovation and practicality. In the technology industry, it's essential to push boundaries and create groundbreaking solutions that disrupt the status quo. However, it is equally important to ensure that these innovations are not just flashy but also serve real-world needs and are user-friendly.

Furthermore, staying up to date with the rapidly evolving technological landscape would be another challenge. The software industry is known for its continuous advancements, and as a Software Engineer, I would need to remain adaptable, continuously learn new technologies, and keep refining my skills to stay ahead in the game.

2. What do you love the most about what you do at intive?

What I love the most about what I do at intive is the incredible projects the company is involved with. Currently, I am assigned to an amazing client that is revolutionizing early childhood education, and being part of this mission is both inspiring and rewarding.

Working on projects that have a positive impact on society and contribute to shaping a better future for children is truly fulfilling. The opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative solutions in early childhood education and witnessing the positive changes it brings to young minds is simply remarkable.

intive's commitment to making a difference in various industries and their focus on creating meaningful solutions resonates deeply with me. Being part of a team that is dedicated to pushing boundaries and improving lives is a privilege. The supportive and collaborative environment at intive fosters creativity and encourages us to deliver our best work, making each day both challenging and fulfilling.

3. Which technologies would you like to learn in the near future?

In the near future, I'm eager to learn about the exciting combination of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Mastering these technologies will enable me to create innovative and immersive experiences that have transformative applications across various industries.

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

It's hard to choose just one, but I would say that the best advice I've ever received is that soft skills are more important than hard skills. They are the key to success in both professional and personal life, fostering better relationships and meaningful interactions with others.

5. What’s your smartest work-related shortcut or productivity hack?

It would be practicing self-knowledge. Understanding our own capabilities and limitations is essential for maximizing performance. By discovering the activities that enhance our productivity, such as identifying the ideal time of day for decision-making or determining how much coffee we need to stay focused, we can optimize our routines.

Moreover, being aware of factors that can negatively impact our performance, like inadequate sleep or poor eating habits before crucial meetings, allows us to make informed adjustments. By aligning our routines with what motivates us and supports peak performance, we can achieve our personal and professional goals more effectively.

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