Smart Mobility

Digital business models for the mobility of the future

Tomorrow's mobility is more than an upgrade – it's a transformation.

Traditional automotive companies face the challenge of expanding, changing, and perhaps radically reshaping a proven and complex business model.

Six indispensible factors to be successful in the age of modern mobility

Networking of user, vehicle & environment

Communication between vehicles and the environment enables new, efficient transport technologies such as crowd mapping. Connecting users and vehicles makes the journey effortless.


Sensor capabilities in the vehicle are advancing rapidly and in time will recognize drivers and passengers, their position, and their stress and attention levels. Following EU-wide regulations, manufacturers will provide more safety through sensors in the future.

Cloud services & artificial intelligence

On the road to autonomous driving, sensors and data analysis with scalable resources ensure optimally adapted services and savings potential for the manufacturer.

Climate efficiency

Car sharing and fuel efficiency are just the beginning. Intelligent trip planning, optimal performance, and real-time information will make the mobility of the future even more climate-efficient.


The key to excellent user experience lies in the personalization of the journey, the vehicle, and the features, for example via after-sales updates and subscriptions.

UX through additional services

Smart mobility combines classic mobility with entertainment, media, shopping, and payments, creating maximum convenience and seamless experiences for users.

Discover the mobility trends of tomorrow in our latest white paper.

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intive is a global tech company that combines deep industry expertise, user-centric design and world-class software engineering. Our BU Automotive is specialized in the development of software-intensive systems and drives the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

Our teams of experts work directly at the interface between IT and the automotive industry. intive is a sough-after development and technology partner of leading car manufacturers and suppliers with a world-wide footprint with on-, near-, and offshore facilities.

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Discover the mobility trends of tomorrow in our latest white paper.

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