How to Use UX Design to Spark Excitement in Clients and End Users

Gone are the days where design was an after-the-fact consideration that was saved until the end of the product development process. At intive, we recognize that prioritizing excellent UX design from day one is the key to creating people-centric digital products that excite both our clients and their end-users.

Our approach is unique and truly innovative: We closely collaborate with clients to co-create a user-centered product, championing agile processes through continuous communication and feedback loops. Our multidimensional design team combines our strength from business, to service, to UX/UI design, allowing us to build a seamless chain that leads from the initial concepts of our clients to final flows and designs of innovative digital products.

In an age where user-centric UX is more crucial than ever, it’s vital for businesses to feel like they have a reliable partner in their quest for exceptional user experience. Let’s dive into why UX is so important, how intive’s approach helps create UX that stands out, and the impact it has on end users.

The importance of quality UX design

High-quality, user-centric UX is non-negotiable for today’s digital businesses. Those that neglect to recognize the impact of UX on conversions, retention, and customer satisfaction will fall behind in the race to market dominance.

The importance of quality UX design

When end users experience tailored, seamless UX, they not only find their functionality needs met, but they are more likely to experience positive emotions like joy and excitement. This keeps them coming back – driving those all-important conversions and helping to build loyal user relationships. Especially in today’s landscape where competition is high, if an app doesn’t spark these emotions in its users, they will likely stop using the app and go elsewhere.

Co-creating UX that stands out

At intive, we endeavor to find the sweet spot between customer needs and user demands. We do this by working with our customers to create people-centric digital products that deliver value and surpass expectations. These solutions are 100% tailored to our customers’ needs that are uncovered during the process of collaboration – we don’t offer one-size-fits-all templates that may end up limiting the functionality and performance of the end product.

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So, what does UX design process look like in practice?

First, we begin the discovery phase. This is where we work co-creatively to explore the nature of the project through a series of workshops, desk research, and qualitative user research. We cluster this data into insights, find patterns and build a foundation of knowledge to create opportunity areas. This is done in sync with the client, with continuous communication and collaboration throughout. The result of the discovery phase is an idea of what an MVP might look like, the scope of the project, a vision of the roadmap, and the first release dates.

Next comes the delivery phase, where we turn the solution into a reality. As we use scrum and agile processes, there is continuous user testing during the development process to get feedback as early and often as possible. The team continues to work closely with the client, getting feedback on every decision and iterating accordingly to create an MVP. The tools we use to facilitate this, including the design platform Figma, allow for streamlined collaboration between all parties.

We pride ourselves in working hand-in-hand with the client, listening and reacting to their needs, making collaborative decisions, and ultimately working as one single team with a common goal. This allows for tailor-made products which wow users and meet client objectives.

It’s also important to know that while UX design is a big part of what we do – it’s not the only thing we do. We can offer end-to-end digital product design and engineering services, from product conceptualization through to development to maintenance and support. Bringing new products to the market is a cross-functional capability – and at intive, we can cover every step. Our end-to-end capabilities help us keep the design process on track, reduce costs, and speed new products to market.

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The impact of exceptional UX

When it comes to successful UX projects that spark excitement, intive has years of experience. Two prime examples of this come from multinational chemical producer BASF and popular clothing store Esprit.

Exceptional UX design on app

xarvio™ SCOUTING app makes farmers’ lives easier

We collaborated with BASF to design an app that spots issues with crops, allowing farmers to tackle them appropriately and optimize their harvests. Driven by AI technology, the app can identify weeds, determine and count insects in yellow traps, recognize plant diseases, analyze leaf damage and check nitrogen status by taking a smartphone picture.

intive’s UX expertise meant that the app is easy-to-use and requires no special device knowledge or experience. In this example, UX served as the link between technology and the end user, allowing them to realize its full potential.

Solutions like the xarvio™SCOUTING app prove to us that UX plays a fundamental role in making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. No longer do farmers have to undertake painstaking manual processes to identify crop issues – with the app, it’s possible at the click of a button. As such, we always aim to understand the underlying meaning of all of our products.

“From the initial idea till realization, intive was part of our exciting journey to create xarvio™ SCOUTING app. We have a very trustworthy relationship, where we always have the possibility to rely on the expertise of this company and the team behind it to build a really great product.”

Marek Schikora

Manager Computer Vision and AI Engineering Team at BASF

Read the full case study here: BASF and intive together for the future of farming.

Esprit design App

Clothing brand Esprit boosts sales with UX upgrade

Together with the apparel manufacturer Esprit, intive designed a shopping app intending to create consistent UX and drive commercial success for the brand. The solution allowed Esprit’s customers to better navigate the app and find the products they need. This improvement was evident in Esprit’s tracking data – the company saw significant growth in the app’s traffic with increased conversion rates.

We also took prototypes of the designs out to guerilla test them in-store with “real” customers. Getting feedback on our designs in this way allowed us to make further improvements and create a truly valuable digital product that was specifically tailored to the business objectives of the client.

“We see a very strong growth in app traffic with increasing conversion rates since we launched the new native version of the app. The app is loved by our customers and drives loyalty especially within the group of our best customers, the Esprit Friends. Thanks to intive’s support, the app has become an important pillar of Esprit’s e‑commerce turnover.”

Leif Erichson

Chief Operations Officer, Esprit

Read the full case study here: Esprit increases e-commerce app revenues with intive.

Both of these examples show how by working collaboratively with our clients, we’re able to spark excitement in the client – as they reach their business or operational goals – and the end users, who continue to use the app in the long term.

It comes as no surprise then, that intive was recognized with many design awards, including UX Design Award in 2022,  iF Design Award in 2021, and Red Dot Design Award in 2020, among others. We’re honored to have been considered for and to receive these awards, and believe that they are a testament to our commitment to providing world-leading design services.

It’s no longer enough for apps to meet basic functionality needs and “look nice” when it comes to UX design. In an age where digital is king, clients and users want to feel excited about digital products. At intive, we believe that UX has the power not only to help our clients surpass their goals but also to make the lives of end users more enjoyable, convenient, and hassle-free. Through our philosophy of co-creating people-centric digital products, deep collaboration, and user-centric design know-how that champion continuous user testing, we can impress our clients with truly exciting, innovative digital products.

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